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with Chris Roland
2-х дневный тренинг для преподавателей английского

24-25 марта, Киев
Благодаря тренингу вы:
лучше поймете, как учатся дети, какой должна быть структура урока, получите техники для презентации и отработки материала
почувствуете себя увереннее в вопросах дисциплины и мотивации, получите инструменты воздействия на "трудных" студентов
повысите свою квалификацию, и, соответственно, свою профессиональную ценность
Тренинг проходит в формате лекции. Все представленные идеи сопровождаются фотографиями процесса и примерами работ учеников. Тренинг подойдет как для новичков, так и для опытных преподавателей.
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Chris Roland
Teacher trainer, author, tutor on Trinity Dimploma course with OxforTEFL, the Ideas Man of ELT
Chris is based at ELI language academy in Seville and is well known for his lively and visual talks that focus on primary and teenage learners. He is very active on the international conference circuit and has recently given workshops in Istanbul, Saratov, Brighton, London, Lisbon, Granada and Madrid. He still manages to teach regular weekly classes so the ideas that you will see will be illustrated with photographs from his own lessons, examples of student work and anecdotal advice on how to get the best out of each activity or technique. He has held posts with the British Council in Damascus and Barcelona and is a frequent contributor to English Teaching Professional magazine.
Тренинг состоит из двух дней: Kids Day и Teens Day.
Kids Day will answer the following questions:
How can we get our young learners to listen to us?

What are the best ways to use points or reward systems?

What exactly is fun and how can we structure it in the classroom?

How can we explore space in the classroom?

How much can our young learners do themselves?
How can we get our young learners to love English classes?

How can we make class games run more smoothly?

Is there a science to teaching young learners?

How can we make the most of classroom events?

How can we take our routines further?
Teens Day will answer the following questions:
How can we make our students want to come to class?

How can we understand them better?

How do we talk to our teenagers?

How can we help our teenage learners remember their verbs and vocabulary?

How can we make grammar easy for them?
What is the secret of getting teens on task?

How can we allow movement and self-expression?

How can we tackle challenging behavior?

Where does teacher stress come from?

How can we keep ourselves going?
Что вы получите:
10 часов тренинга

Список литературы на имейл
Дополнительный вебинар с Крисом через два месяца после семинара + 2 вебинара с учителями-экспертами из Украины через четыре месяца

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Сертификат от Teachers for teachers
Варианты участия
ONE day (either Kids Day or Teens Day)
1600 UAH - до 15 февраля

1900 UAH - до 23 марта
*приобретая данный пакет, вы получаете 1 вебинар в подарок
TWO days - get a 12% discount
2800 UAH - до 15 февраля

3100 UAH - до 23 марта
*приобретая данный пакет, вы получаете 3 вебинара в подарок
Вот немного фото с нашего мероприятия TeachingLexically with Hugh Dellar, которое прошло 11-12 ноября, 2017 года в Киеве и которое посетило более 130 участников
Вот что говорят участники:
After two years of self-studying and IELTS preparation I didn't know what else I could do to push myself forward. Meeting Hugh Dellar was a great load of inspiration and experience. In the middle of the very first session I started to realize the value of ideas that were gonna be seeded in my head! A whole bunch of interesting and funny examples as well as the very approach to the topic coverage was impressive. Lecture, seminar, workshop, open dialogue, discussion or a piece of stand-up comedy? Everything was there! Lecture sounds too boring for me, but that two-day session..It was something! Thanks for this experience with Teaching Lexically!
Ira Volkova
The principal element of Suprematism in painting, as in architecture, is its liberation from all social or materialist tendencies. Through Suprematism, art comes into its pure and unpolluted form.
Samuel Willson
Creative director in DD agency
Thank you Hugh Dellar for a unique exposure to the language with your personal insight to the matter. Your stories made me realise if more "Hugh like" people (with ears to listen and hearts to care) appear in teaching what a big change can be made.
Your ending story is hard to forget and it keeps me thinking.....
Lexical approach: students don't speak ABOUT the language, they just speak English))
Marina Matviienko
It was a restless but extremely beneficial weekend😃 I was just looking for inspiration but found much more!
Thank you Hugh Dellar for being so charismatic, charming, tireless and encouraging!!!
And thanks Tamara Ilea for organizing the seminar! Everything was of high standard!👍

Radzivon Elena
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