4 sessions + 1 live demo lesson

April 21, Kyiv
Meet the speaker
Have you ever seen a teacher trainer that can give four sessions in a row and keep the listeners engaged throughout the whole time? Have you ever seen someone who still has energy to run and jump around the room in order to demonstrate what he's teaching? And this is by the end of a 2-day intensive course?

Well, here he is. Our rock star - Hugh Dellar. Hugh is a combination of common sense, professionalism, and humour. Hugh Dellar is going to give four sessions on lexical teaching, each minute of which is going to be informative, useful and motivating.
We have 4 sessions planned for you
An introduction to lexical teaching
In this session, we will explore the historical roots of a lexical approach to language and take a user-friendly look at some of the thinkers and seminal articles that have been crucial to its development. We'll explore what a lexical way of looking at language involves and discuss some of the problems with the dominant grammar + words approach. We'll also consider some of the worries that may arise when starting the shift towards a more lexical way of thinking about the subject matter we teach.
TEACHING LEXICALLY: Ten basic rules of thumb
In this more practical counterpoint to the day's opening session, we'll look at ten classroom principles that lexically-minded teachers may well find themselves teaching by. We'll consider the implications of a lexical approach to language for the teaching not only of vocabulary, but also skills, grammar and pronunciation.
An advanced-level demo lesson
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. During this session, you will have a chance to be involved in a real lesson given live by Hugh Dellar and learn more about lexical teaching at the same time.

We'll start by looking at the material from Outcomes Advanced coursebook. In groups, you'll discuss the possible ways of exploiting this material.

After that, 10 of you will be chosen to participate in a live demo-lesson conducted by Hugh Dellar himself. The rest of the participants will act as observers.

Finally, we'll discuss what happened in the lesson and get an insight into Hugh's teaching decisions.
Giving feedback and following-up on it
Giving students opportunities for speaking is important, but it won't necessarily help them improve unless we give effective feedback.

We'll start by looking at some theory: how we give feedback, what kind of feedback we give, how to use the board effectively etc.

You'll be given a practical task: groups of participants will receive a speaking task from one of the Outcomes coursebooks. You will be given some instructions and asked to prepare possible feedback based on this task.

We'll discuss what you've done, after which Hugh Dellar will comment on each of the speaking tasks.

We'll also talk about what you can do after you've given feedback to help students consolidate it.

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